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SEE, BE SEEN, STAY SAFE - How the latest in wearable LED technology can help keep your workforce safe

Posted by Andy on 13/09/18 16:47

Night-time. The only light is the shimmering of the Stars billions of miles away. You can barely see your hand in front of your face...

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How to Pick the Best Hi Vis Vests for Your Team

Posted by Xamax on 12/03/18 11:45

High visibility clothing isn't a fashion statement - it's a necessity to keep workers safe. They allow wearers to be easily seen in a variety of light conditions - from darkness and other low light conditions to even broad daylight if much of the wearer's body will be obscured from view. Here are some tips on how to pick hi vis vests for your team. 

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Topics: workwear, Safety, Outdoor Workwear

Kitting Out Your Drivers in Spring: Outdoor Workwear Checklist

Posted by Xamax on 07/03/18 12:45

Now that the long, cold winter is finally coming to an end, it's time to think about spring workwear for your drivers. Just because your drivers aren't as exposed to the elements as outdoor workers are doesn't mean their workwear is any less of a priority. Drivers often work long, gruelling shifts and what they wear should keep them safe, warm and comfortable while still falling in line with your company's image. Here's our outdoor workwear checklist on what your drivers should be wearing in spring. 

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Thermal Insulated Coveralls: Are They Best For Fighting The Cold?

Posted by Xamax on 21/02/18 11:34

When your workforce are facing the cold conditions, it's your job to provide them with the safest workwear possible. Although you can't control the weather for when your employees are on site, you can still take some important steps to help them avoid illnesses such as a cold and the flu. With these cold-related illnesses accounting for 34 million work days lost in 2016, a good step for you to take is to move away from the regular workwear and consider thermal insulated coveralls instead.

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6 Signs It's Time To Re-Think Your Workwear Supplier

Posted by Xamax on 09/02/18 14:04

When it comes to sourcing and providing workwear for your staff, it's important that you choose garments that are smart and professional. After all, your staff are the face of your business and what they wear represents your company values. But if your supplier has been providing you with uniforms that fluctuate in quality, price and customer service, you might start wondering if it's time to start looking elsewhere. Here are six signs you should rethink your workwear supplier. 

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We've Changed The Way We're Packing Orders - Here's Why It's Important

Posted by Xamax on 23/01/18 16:41

Packaging waste in the UK is a major cause for concern. That's why, here at Xamax, we have decided it's time to put an end to this and it's time for a change. We are going from bagging each individual item to using a single box liner bag.

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Workwear Supplier vs Going Solo: Which is Cheaper?

Posted by Xamax on 02/01/18 13:50

When it comes to ordering workwear, we know that pricing is a huge influence in the buying decision. As a business owner about to place a fresh order for company workwear in 2018, you may be considering going it alone and branching out into the world of workwear solo.

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