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Workwear Uniforms vs Casual Dress Codes? Which is the best for your company?

Posted by Xamax on 24/05/18 14:05

Wondering about implementing a new workwear uniform policy into your business? Or simply just thinking about changing your current one? This post outlines the benefits and drawbacks of kitting your team out in uniforms or introducing a casual dress code. See which one works for you.

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Countless Complaints? Why You Need A Uniform Complaints Procedure

Posted by Xamax on 16/01/18 09:52

While a uniform policy can have many benefits in the workplace, not every employee is going to be pleased with the changes all the time. However, that's an issue that can be fixed immediately. As long as employees provide input when the new policy has been announced, you will put yourself in a better place of not receiving employee backlash. However, even if employees have provided input, chosen colours and even selected certain cuts, it doesn't mean everything will go smoothly. A uniform policy can bring countless complaints, so here's why you need a uniform complaints procedure.

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Branded Workwear Not A Priority In 2018? 5 Ways You're Missing Out

Posted by Xamax on 04/01/18 10:54

Think about some of the biggest companies in the world and their uniforms. Apple. McDonald's. Even delivery and courier services like Amazon. They all wear branded uniforms which makes them instantly recognisable. If you want the public to recognise your company, then ditching plain workwear for branded clothing should be a priority in 2018 to stay ahead of the competition. Here are 5 ways you're missing out if branded workwear isn't your company's priority next year.

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Staff Uniform Policy: Where Do I Start?!

Posted by Xamax on 27/12/17 11:26

You may be responsible for developing and maintaining HR processes, hiring new staff or are in a role where understanding employee needs at a high-level are essential. If you work in HR or personnel, you may have considered developing a staff uniform policy for your organisation at some point - but where do you start? While understanding what a uniform policy contains and how to build it out is one thing (and quite a challenge) - understanding what comes before that is ultimately key.

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5 Reasons Your Office Uniform Policy Isn't Taken Seriously

Posted by Xamax on 20/12/17 15:13

Do you have that one employee who shows up to work in a torn uniform most days or forgets their company polo once a week? Then you have another employee who wears one of those glittery tutu skirts with their company t-shirt, even though they're supposed to wear a plain black skirt or black trousers. If you've recently implemented a uniform policy - or have had one for a while - and your employees refuse to wear their uniform or wear it incorrectly, you have a problem that needs a remedy. Here are 5 reasons your office uniform policy isn't taken seriously.

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DEBATE - Can One Company Uniform Suit All In Creative Offices?

Posted by Xamax on 05/12/17 14:41

Creative offices are unique. Your employees aren't anything like bankers or fast food workers, where uniforms are heavily imposed with no leeway whatsoever. You don't want to impact the level of creativity within your workforce either, as their productivity and morale might increase when they're wearing casual clothing. However, uniforms do have benefits, such as boosting morale, increasing efficiency and fostering a team spirit. So, can one company uniform suit all employees in creative offices? Or do the negatives of a uniform in creative offices outweigh the positives? Uniforms do work in creative offices, but only if they're done right.

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