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Countless Complaints? Why You Need A Uniform Complaints Procedure

Posted by Xamax on 16/01/18 09:52

While a uniform policy can have many benefits in the workplace, not every employee is going to be pleased with the changes all the time. However, that's an issue that can be fixed immediately. As long as employees provide input when the new policy has been announced, you will put yourself in a better place of not receiving employee backlash. However, even if employees have provided input, chosen colours and even selected certain cuts, it doesn't mean everything will go smoothly. A uniform policy can bring countless complaints, so here's why you need a uniform complaints procedure.

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Why Is An Employee Uniform Policy Agreement So Important?

Posted by Xamax on 11/01/18 12:47

Having an agreement between your employees in regards to their uniform or dress code is pivotal to creating a great working environment for your employees. You're not required by law to have one, so why even bother? Well, an employee uniform policy agreement is important for many reasons.

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Workwear Supplier vs Going Solo: Which is Cheaper?

Posted by Xamax on 02/01/18 13:50

When it comes to ordering workwear, we know that pricing is a huge influence in the buying decision. As a business owner about to place a fresh order for company workwear in 2018, you may be considering going it alone and branching out into the world of workwear solo.

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How To Deploy A Dress Code Policy For Employees

Posted by Xamax on 16/12/17 11:14

Any organisation that is planning to enforce a company-wide employee dress code needs to understand that missing out relevant and important steps can result in the whole team losing motivation, and the onboarding process can become much tougher if there's a negative reaction. Even though it can be a headache trying to deploy a uniform policy without issues, knowing exactly which steps to take can make the whole process a lot smoother and can be a great way of getting your team motivated for this exciting change. Here's how to effectively deploy a dress code policy for employees.

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