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Dark Nights, Bright Lights - the Portwest innovations you need to know about

Posted by Andy on 14/09/18 16:47

Whether it’s to find your way around in the dark, or to search the bottom of your toolbox at night, a torch is a vital piece of kit for any professional. With the latest in modern LED technology, torches and personal lighting systems have become lighter weight, less expensive and longer lasting - not to mention more powerful.

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Topics: New Technology, Pocket Torch, LED, Torch, Head Torch

SEE, BE SEEN, STAY SAFE - How the latest in wearable LED technology can help keep your workforce safe

Posted by Andy on 13/09/18 16:47

Night-time. The only light is the shimmering of the Stars billions of miles away. You can barely see your hand in front of your face...

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Topics: PPE, workwear, Safety, Outdoor Workwear, Hi-Vis, New Technology