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Why Is An Employee Uniform Policy Agreement So Important?

Posted by Xamax on 11/01/18 12:47

Having an agreement between your employees in regards to their uniform or dress code is pivotal to creating a great working environment for your employees. You're not required by law to have one, so why even bother? Well, an employee uniform policy agreement is important for many reasons.

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Topics: processes, HR

How To Refresh Your Uniform Policy in 7 Easy Steps

Posted by Xamax on 08/12/17 10:51

So you implemented a staff uniform policy a little while ago and are considering updating it. You want to make sure your employees look their best and feel their best when they're at work but you've either outgrown your policy or your dress code just doesn't sit right. So, whether it's due to employee complaints or your attitude has changed, here's how to do refresh your policy in eight easy steps.

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Topics: HR