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Workwear With Company Logo - How to be Seen!

Posted by Xamax on 05/04/18 10:46

Branded uniforms make your business instantly recognisable. If you want the public to notice your company, then kitting your team out in a slick, personalised uniform should be a priority to stay ahead of the competition. Here are five advantages that your company may benefit from having workwear with your company logo on.

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The advantages are:



1. Free Promotion and Advertising

Usually, when you think of business advertising campaigns, you think of TV adverts or city centre billboards. These are often pricey and not a viable option for a lot of companies. But, it doesn’t have to be that big of a campaign for it to be a success.

Your advertising campaign can stem right down to your business’ uniforms and can be as simple as clearly displaying your company logo on your employees’ workwear. Your employees are then technically a walking billboard and will be representing the company wherever they go. Whether they’re nipping out on their lunch break or on their commute, they will be recognised as a part of your team and the right uniform can improve brand awareness.

Workwear with company logos on are an effective marketing tool. As mentioned above, they are a cheaper alternative method of advertising your business and often last longer than rented space on a billboard.


2. Enhances Brand Image

A positive brand image can be crucial to the scale of your business’ success. Personalised company workwear looks professional, smart and reiterates your business’ morals. It implies that your business is successful and well established, so it could be the card that turns the customer’s hand when deciding between you and your competitors.

All businesses want to project a professional image and the easiest way of doing this is by nailing the factors that you have control of. Your staff uniform is a great way of projecting your business’ professional image.


3. Promotes a Sense of Belonging in Your Staff

Your staff uniform will make your workers feel like they are part of your team and they will feel empowered that they are trusted to represent the brand in their uniform. Both of these reasons will boost morale in your team, which will increase productivity and ensure that your workers are working at full efficiency to maximise profit.


4. Saves Time and Money

Obviously, creating branded workwear costs money but, it’s still a cost-effective option. When ordering your new staff uniforms you are able to order in bulk, which offers cost efficiencies.

This will again empower your employees as they are given more than one item of uniform, eliminating the potential feeling of being forced to wear something that they don’t like for work.

Maybe introduce a different range of styles so that your staff can pick which one they’d prefer to wear. They will also appreciate the fact that they don’t have to spend money on different clothing for work.

Although your employees will be allowed to choose what they want to wear, it will be within a controlled scope. It results in one less thing for staff to worry about [choosing an outfit] and uniform dress codes result in increased morale across the business.


5. No Style Restrictions

At Xamax, practically everything available from the catalogue can be branded and personalised with your company logo. The extensive range of products on offer can differ from hi-vis jackets to nursing tunics. There are also a wide range of industry specific uniform options available.

Your artwork will be reviewed by the expert embroidery team who work closely with you to ensure that you’re 100 percent happy with your uniform. After all, it’s crucial that you nail your branded workwear.


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Keep Your Team Safe This Summer

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There are various factors that contribute towards keeping your workforce safe when working in the sun. To help you out, we've created a Summer eBook which includes tips and advice on how to clothe and equip your team for hotter temperatures and the risks of the outdoors. Download your FREE guide below. 

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