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Buying Workwear Clothing Online - What You Need to Know

Posted by Xamax on 05/06/18 10:25

It’s never been easier to find and order workwear for your staff online. Gone are the days of browsing heavy catalogues and ordering one size fits all items in bulk. You can now order tops, trousers, accessories and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and have them customised to suit your staff’s and business’ needs.

Xamax are specialists when it comes to personalised workwear, so we’ve put together everything you need to know about ordering workwear clothing online.



Customised Workwear: Why it’s Important

When ordering online, you can take advantage of print and embroidered logo services so that your staff are always showcasing your business in the best possible way. Simply upload your artwork online and add your design to hoodies, t-shirts, coats and any accessories that your business needs.

Customising your workwear gives staff a professional appearance, makes it easy for other people to identify who you are and increases productivity. It can raise the profile of your brand as your staff become walking adverts.

Having a company uniform also creates team unity and shows potential clients that you are a serious, professional business. A uniform also allows you to protect workers from potential hazards. For example, during hot weather, uniform that is light and breathable will keep workers cool and safe.  

Don’t forget that staff clothing needs to be practical - to suit their job role. If they’re uncomfortable or restricted by their clothing, then morale and productivity levels could fall. Talk to your staff to find out about important extra additions that they might need on their workwear, for example, pockets, reflective material and knee pads on work trousers.

Ordering Online Saves Time and Money

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to visit a store and place a large order manually. You can find everything you need online and can even order on your phone or tablet if you’re on the go. Create an account with Xamax and we’ll remember your choices and artwork for quick and easy purchases in the future.

With Xamax, if you’re ever struggling to find what you need, you can live chat with a member of the team who’ll be able to offer expert advice. You can also browse our blog for ideas and inspiration when it comes to finding the perfect workwear for your staff.

Order online with us and discover the special offers and bundle deals that we have available.

Sign up to Xamax’s mailing list and always be the first to know about new bundle deals and limited time offers. You’ll receive all the information you need straight to your inbox so you don’t have to waste valuable time shopping around.

If you do find the same clothing or accessories cheaper elsewhere, we offer a price guarantee on like for like items as long as the order value is more than £250. Xamax is proud to provide personalised workwear clothing online for the lowest prices, so get in touch with our team for help saving.




Fast and Simple Checkout

Xamax offer a quick and easy checkout process once you’ve found the workwear your business needs. At this stage, you’ll be able to upload your company’s logo so that it can be embroidered or printed. Heat seals and vinyl transfers are also available, so you can find the best option that suits you.

When shopping on the website, you can sort prices into Euros or Pounds, depending on your country of origin. You can also choose to see prices excluding or including VAT, so there’s no need for difficult calculations.

If you have a new member joining the team that you need to buy clothing for, don’t worry. There’s no minimum order required, so if you just need a few items, we can help.

Thanks to our easy checkout and state-of-the-art storage warehouse, buying workwear clothing online for your staff is fast and simple. In just 72 hours, the Xamax team can produce workwear with your company logo printed or embroidered on and our speedy delivery service is free if you spend over £145.

What About Phone Orders?

If you’d prefer to order over the phone, then we can help. It can be easier to speak to a member of our team, especially if you have any specific needs or requirements you’d like us to understand.

When you order over the phone, you’ll still have access to all of the fantastic benefits of ordering online. Discuss personalising your workwear with your company logo and take advantage of the bundle deals currently available.

Call anytime and speak to a friendly member of our team who’ll be able to help you place a quick, easy and stress-free order.

Find the Perfect Summer Workwear

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