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What to Look Out for When Buying Rigger Gloves

Posted by Xamax on 23/02/18 11:40

When you're providing equipment to your outdoor workers, you can't rely on any typical workwear gloves. Construction, landscaping, forestry and even roadworks all need different types of gloves because of the safety elements featured in each one. This is especially important for riggers as the work here requires a number of areas to be covered. So, here's what you need to look out for when buying rigger gloves.

Outdoor rigger gloves
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Typical workwear gloves for riggers simply aren't an option. This is because workwear gloves aren't designed with strenuous, heavy-duty work in mind. On the other hand, rigger gloves are made specifically for continued use and heavy-duty work. Click on any of the sections below to read more about each feature, why they're important and recommended rigger gloves that have the safety features to keep you and your gang safe.

Comfort and Breathability

An important aspect of comfortable gloves is that they need to be breathable. The last thing you need your workers to do is continue to take their gloves off so that their hands can escape the heat, especially if they're made of heavyweight materials. However, it's beneficial to keep these insulated gloves around for the colder conditions.

That's why it's important to look for features such as cotton backing which improves breathability and ventilation to provide cool air through to the hands. This allows your workers to remain more comfortable without needing to continue taking their gloves off.

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This feature is what separates the usual workwear gloves from the rigger options. Workwear gloves aren't designed to be continually used in construction, heavy lifting or even agricultural types of work. Eventually, the condition of the workwear gloves worsen and they don't provide the necessary safety elements required to keep your workers and their hands safe.

That's why durability is a feature you need to consider. It's also more cost-effective.

Something you need to look out for when buying gloves for your workers is the type of leather the gloves feature. The poorer the quality, the less durable they will be. Instead, source rigger gloves which are made with premium quality leather to give them a prolonged life, even when your workers use them in strenuous tasks on a daily basis.

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The most important feature is looking out for the elements that provide added protection. Although seeing 'protection' labelled alongside the gloves is a good starting point, you need to look for gloves that have more advanced safety features. These include things like reinforced patches for protecting veins or knuckles and forefingers.

Hands can be in danger in any area and when they least expect it. By looking out for these safety features, you're ensuring that your workers wear the safest gloves possible.

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Good Grip and Fit

The gloves you select can have all of the other features we've mentioned, but they might be considered useless if they have poor grip or if they don't fit your employees' hands properly. Especially in this line of work, a proper fit and a safe grip are both important, particularly during heavy lifting and in construction.

By having poorly fitting gloves, the movement is restricted and this can result in your workers suffering from muscle aches, blisters and cramps which can rule them out of more work. To get a better idea of the grips on gloves, look out for gloves with rubber dots on the palms and fingers. Along with this, look for seams across the palm and across the back of the glove as they are usually more comfortable and provide a more exact fit.

To ensure the gloves fit perfectly and aren't at risk of falling off while they work, consider looking out for gloves that have hook and loop fastening.

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Finally, gloves which are insulated are a must for when your workers operate in the unpredictable British weather. As highlighted in the first point, gloves that are comfortable and breathable are needed - so ventilation is a good feature to look out for. However, in those colder conditions, they might not be the best choice to wear as their hands can get cold which makes it more difficult for them to work efficiently.

Whenever your employees are working in cold environments, you should provide them with gloves that are insulated and even feature fleece lining for added warmth.

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By checking for all of these features, you'll be in a much better position when it comes time to purchase the right pair.

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