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What Should a Door Supervisor Wear?

Posted by Xamax on 05/10/17 08:00

Although it might not seem like it on the surface, a lot goes into what a door supervisor must wear when on duty and their role involves a lot more than standing in front of a door and looking intimidating. They manage crowds and queues, deal with confrontational groups and individuals, check tickets, patrol inside and outside of venues, keep an eye on behaviour and deal with conflict where they might need to get involved. They also deal with emergencies by cooperating with police and other emergency services, or even provide first-aid. With so many duties, it’s important that door supervisors stay safe, so what should a door supervisor wear?

Door Supervisor Clothing

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Working as a door supervisor can be a dangerous role, and appropriate PPE dictates that workers must wear whatever protects them from hazards on site, and that also applies to door supervisors. While door supervisors are often given a dress code on what they can and can’t wear, there is clothing available that not only fits in with the uniform policy, but it will keep them safe on site too.


The type of work a door supervisor undertakes means there’s no need for safety hats that you see on construction sites, but wearing hats on the job is a good way to stay safe and not break the dress code either.

Wearing warm, wool hats is highly beneficial for door supervisors as most of their work is often done in the evenings and late at night where the weather is a lot colder. A hat allows door supervisors to remain in the cold environment for an extended period of time, as opposed to putting themselves at risk of developing a cold-related illness or injury.

It’s also important to consider the fabric and material of the hat. For example, if a door supervisor is wearing a cotton hat in the rain, it won’t do a good job of protecting the head as cotton loses its insulation when it becomes wet. Wool, on the other hand, retains its insulative qualities even when wet.

In the heat and during the summer, a hat isn’t necessary but when there’s plenty of light - if a door supervisor is working during the day - it’s important to keep the eyes protected as well. To stay safe and meet the dress code, opting to use polarised lenses in glasses should be made an important part of the uniform when working in daylight hours.

Upper Body

Shirts and ties are the staple of what door supervisors wear. In most cases, the shirts are often white and half-sleeved along with a black tie. However, in colder conditions it could be more beneficial to wear a long-sleeved shirt to protect your forearms from the cold weather. Door supervisors should also consider what to wear underneath their shirts, such as thermal vests or long-sleeved thermal shirts as they help door supervisors stay warm considering they’re outside for a long time, while it also keeps them dry.

Safety gloves are also an option, especially in cold weather while door supervisors might also be faced with sharp objects and hazards when on duty, along with confrontational members of the public. Cut-resistant gloves and cut-resistant sleeves are also available for more hazardous conditions.


More and more door supervisors are now also using
high visibility jackets and vests, wearing them over their shirts when on duty. While they don’t offer any sort of physical protection, high visibility vests and jackets allow door supervisors to be noticeable by other members of staff or any of the public they’re dealing with, in case they fall in any danger. The advancements also allow door supervisors to store equipment in the many pockets, such as a radio or identification.

In more severe cases, depending on the industry the door supervisor is working for, PPE equipment such as kevlar vests provide additional safety when on the job, equipment you usually see the police wear when on duty. In much colder conditions, bodywarmers and appropriately sized fleece jackets underneath the high visibility equipment offer additional protection, especially if it’s raining and door supervisors are spending long shifts in the outdoors, while the super-professional and stylish supervisors will choose to simply don a black blazer to match the rest of their uniform.

Lower Body

While door supervisors need to remain safe on the job, they are also expected to look the part and stay professional. So, they are fully expected to wear black uniform trousers, or action trousers that offer additional pockets to store any equipment they might have on them.

Again, while it isn’t a necessity, door supervisor clothing might also feature thermal trousers in colder conditions for when they need an extra layer of insulation around the lower body, and the same principle can be applied to thermal socks under similar conditions.

To top off the checklist on what a door supervisor should be wearing, they need to have the right shoes. For door supervisors, boots and trainers are off limits but there are plenty of smart, durable and safe options for them to wear. While they probably won’t have a say on the colour - as they all primarily wear black to match the uniform - safety shoes include slip and oil resistant outsoles as they might be in wet conditions outside, while they also feature steel toe caps, just in case they face any danger when on the job.

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