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What Are The Key Benefits Of Screen Printed Workwear?

Posted by Xamax on 01/11/16 12:09

The key benefits of screen printed workwear are numerous and impressive; that's why it's such a popular means of branding clothing, uniforms and workwear items. We answer what are the key benefits of screen printed workwear in one quick fire blog post. 

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A Clean Look

Screen printing is great for producing an overall appearance which is clean and smooth. When applied to your workwear items, from t-shirts to tunics, if your branding suits the screen printing technique (of which 99% of logos we see do), they'll look super-clean.

The logo sits nicely as an extension of the garment itself, bold and clear. And that is due to a few reasons...


Colour Control

The colour control offered by screen printing means that your branding can be as strong as possible if you decide to use this technique. The mixing of specialised inks offers more precision than other techniques, like digital, and the pigments can be more tightly controlled to ensure you have as close as possible a match to your own specific brand colours.

Though, it should be noted, how colours appear on screen may not be an exact match in reality. Screen printing will be as close as you can achieve however.

But the benefit of screen printing, in this regard, is that it is a specialised skill which means expert printers can manage and control the colours to the exact requirement desired once any samples have been agreed.


Sharp Details & Contrasts

Screen printing also allows you to capture clear contrasts and sharp details. The depth of colours created by the process means that the strongest possible contrast can be achieved when you use a garment colour chosen to contrast your logo or branding.

Bear this in mind when choosing your workwear items and what colour branding you want to place on them. If you need any advice or ideas when it comes to items, logos or ideas to create the best possible contrasts to highlight your brand, speak to our team. We also offer free visualisations of workwear branding so you can get the perfect idea of what your items will look like.


Lightweight Addition

A screen printed garment is also still hardly affected in terms of performance. It is simply a means of using inks and dyes to add your logo into the garment in the least intrusive way. You won't notice any change in the garment in itself other than in terms of appearance.

If this is important for your industry - working in highly active roles or extreme temperatures, for example - then screen printing is definitely going to give you the type of non-obstructive branding you need.


Versatile Use & Consistency

There are virtually no limitations as to what materials and products you can use screen printing techniques with. And thanks to the ability to control the colours being produced, you can count on being able to ensure different workwear items being branded in a matching style, with no inconsistencies.


Dynamic & Modern Appearance

If you have a lively and active apperance in your brand logos, then screen printing can help achieve this. Strong contrasts and sharp, precise details allow you to really capture your business' modern looking logo design. Especially if you have employed the, currently very popular, style of flat design in your branding.

The simple colour blocking style encouraged with screen printing suits these logos, in particular.


Long Lasting

The inks used in screen printing are designed to be ultra durable. They are, in essence, an extension of the fabric itself once the process is complete, so can be relied on to last for the life of the garment itself (subject to expected washing and usage).

Despite a a financial and time cost associated with setting up the print machinery and readying the inks, if you are process large numbers of items, screen printing is a cost effective means of completing branding of your uniforms or workwear. The produced result also offers an impressive lifespan.

So this means screen printing offers a doublt hit of cost benefits.


Want To Know More About Ordering Workwear And Uniforms?

If this has been of any use to you, check out our simple guide to buying workwear. All the advice, all the benefits and all the ways to get sign off (if you need it). There's also some handy tips for choosing your workwear items, getting the sizes right and making sure nothing gets missed. Download it now for free.

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