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Building Site Fence Panels: Construction Site Hoarding Regulations

Posted by Xamax on 07/09/17 08:26

Hoarding on construction sites is a temporary, solid wall-like structure built around the perimeter of construction sites to shield sites from view, prevent unauthorised access, stop site destruction, theft, and vandalism, and to protect the public. So, when it comes to building site fence panels, what are the construction site hoarding regulations?


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Lone Working Hazards: How to Keep Lone Workers Safe

Posted by Xamax on 01/09/17 06:46

We may associate lone workers with some guy who works from home in his basement (maybe in his underpants) on some sort of tech job, but there are more people classed as “lone workers” than one would think. Nearly 6.8 million workers work alone. Anyone from security to some outdoor workers, even nurses and teachers are considered lone workers. Whilst no specific law dictates that workers cannot work alone, the Health and Safety Executive dictates that lone workers should not be at any more risk than any other worker. Here’s how to keep lone workers safe.


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How to Complete a Working Outdoors Risk Assessment

Posted by Xamax on 18/08/17 08:38

Working outdoors can come with its share of risks. Whilst many are tucked safely at home or in offices in extremes - rain, wind, snow, ice, heat - outdoor workers don’t have the luxury of protection from the elements. Many workplaces know there are dangers to their employees, but don’t know how to conduct an outdoor risk assessment. We’re here to tell you how to complete a working outdoors risk assessment.

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Do Employers Have to Provide Sun Cream?

Posted by Xamax on 17/08/17 10:34

With British temperatures rising each summer, most people are aware of the dangers of skin cancer and sunburn; however, when your employees work outside, how can they protect themselves from summer heat waves? Sun cream is one of the easiest and most logical answers - outside of protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses - but do employers have to provide sun cream for employees?

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Regulations for Working at Height: Explained

Posted by Xamax on 10/08/17 07:34

When workers work at heights there are always risks of falling. Construction has the highest fatalities of any industry, and deaths often resulted from falling from heights, which is why employers must adhere to all regulations for working at height. The Work at Height Regulations came into effect in 2005 to prevent workplace deaths and accidents. In this blog post, we discuss the eight regulations for Working at Height in plain language. 

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