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How To Pick Glove Ratings: Our Guide To EN-Standards

Posted by Xamax on 06/02/18 11:39

There are several types of gloves available to purchase for a reason. You should avoid making the mistake of assuming that any type of glove can be used for any type of work you undertake, as this can bring its own set of dangers. That's why gloves are rated into three separate categories and all come under different standards - they all depend on your situation. Here's how to pick glove ratings in line with EN-standards.

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How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Outdoor Work Gloves

Posted by Xamax on 03/02/18 11:26

Gloves are a useful tool that many people often overlook when putting together an outdoor work uniform. There are many different types and styles made from a variety of different materials to choose from - you'll be surprised. From man-made materials to real leather and performance styles to models with enhanced grip and insulation, you might not know which to choose. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a pair of outdoor work gloves. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect pair. 

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How Branding A Construction Site Can Help Increase Sales In 2018

Posted by Xamax on 26/01/18 16:37

Your construction site is the prime setting to go all-out and make your brand instantly recognisable. It might not be as simple as placing vinyls and ads in shop windows, but there are plenty of ways of branding a construction site in 2018 to increase sales. Although customisation plays a big role, there might even be some ideas and suggestions below you may have never thought of.

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