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How Branding A Construction Site Can Help Increase Sales In 2018

Posted by Xamax on 26/01/18 16:37

Your construction site is the prime setting to go all-out and make your brand instantly recognisable. It might not be as simple as placing vinyls and ads in shop windows, but there are plenty of ways of branding a construction site in 2018 to increase sales. Although customisation plays a big role, there might even be some ideas and suggestions below you may have never thought of.

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Branded Workwear Not A Priority In 2018? 5 Ways You're Missing Out

Posted by Xamax on 04/01/18 10:54

Think about some of the biggest companies in the world and their uniforms. Apple. McDonald's. Even delivery and courier services like Amazon. They all wear branded uniforms which makes them instantly recognisable. If you want the public to recognise your company, then ditching plain workwear for branded clothing should be a priority in 2018 to stay ahead of the competition. Here are 5 ways you're missing out if branded workwear isn't your company's priority next year.

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Topics: Uniforms, Embroidery, Uniform Policy

5 Mistakes Managers Make With Their First Uniform Order

Posted by Xamax on 14/11/17 16:47

Many big companies across the UK use uniforms to promote their company's brand, such as TGI Fridays, Marriott International, American Express, Sytner Group, Nationwide, Iceland Foods, and McDonald's. If you go food shopping, many of the Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, and Morrisons staff members wear uniforms as well. At sporting events, phone shops, call centres - even at the Apple store - staff all wear uniforms. Those who work at Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Caffe Nero aren't immune to uniforms either, so uniforms can be seamlessly integrated into your staff wardrobe - and look good too. But what pitfalls do companies make when ordering uniforms for the first time? Here are 5 mistakes managers make with their first uniform order. Make sure you don't fall victim.

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How Embroidered Workwear Bundles Save Time And Money

Posted by Xamax on 25/04/17 06:51

When making your first workwear order it’s common to fall in the trap of thinking your budget isn’t sufficient enough to acquire good quality uniform. Another common worry concerns ordering the right quantity or wrong sizes and many companies completely disregard the opportunity of getting customised workwear and miss out on the benefits it brings.

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How To Make Office Staff Uniforms A Success

Posted by Xamax on 24/04/17 11:26

Office staff uniforms are a great benefit to any business. But many office staff have never had to wear uniforms. Here’s how to make the scheme stick and implement a uniform without a fuss.

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The 5 Most Creative Uses For Embroidered Overalls

Posted by Xamax on 20/04/17 15:25

Embroidered overalls. To some they’re a necessity, but to others they’re a “nice to have” item for which “we just don’t have the budget”. However, what if we said there was more to embroidered overalls than just everyday uniform? Interested? Read on.

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Topics: Benefits Of Workwear, Embroidery

Can Embroidered Uniforms Be Used For Any Branding Styles?

Posted by Xamax on 17/03/17 13:28

Embroidery is the most common form of branding technique for uniforms, business wear and workwear items. But why? This post looks into that after answering the question of whether embroidered uniforms can be used for any branding styles.

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Topics: Uniforms, Embroidery

How To Get Real Value For Money Out Of Printed Workwear

Posted by Xamax on 14/03/17 12:02

If you aren't careful, printed workwear can be an unnecessarily expensive way of customising clothing - but if you choose the right print technique, it's easy to get real value for money. 

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How To Decide Between Embroidered vs Printed On Company Workwear

Posted by Xamax on 10/03/17 09:21

There are a lot of complicating factors when choosing between embroidered vs printed branding techniques on company workwear. If you don't use careful consideration, then you could end up with an inferior product and wasted spend. Here's what to consider and how to decide.

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Topics: Printing, Embroidery

How To Easily Pick Perfect Customised Polo Shirts Quickly

Posted by Xamax on 07/03/17 06:03

Customised polo shirts are a staple workwear item. From printed bar staff polo shirts, to hotel cleaning staff, to electricians who've used polo shirt embroidery to show off their company logo - they're one of the most versatile workwear items.

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Topics: Buying Workwear, Printing, Embroidery