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Workwear Supplier vs Going Solo: Which is Cheaper?

Posted by Xamax on 02/01/18 13:50

When it comes to ordering workwear, we know that pricing is a huge influence in the buying decision. As a business owner about to place a fresh order for company workwear in 2018, you may be considering going it alone and branching out into the world of workwear solo.

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The Benefits Of Having A Solid Workwear Policy

Posted by Xamax on 29/12/17 14:17

Whilst some policy choices in the UK have recently been brought into question for seeming archaic and sexist, the decision to create or review your current workwear policy could well have landed on your desk. Whether a note from your manager or something you feel really needs to be looked at in 2018 - it's easy to see why people avoid enforcing workwear policies. That being said, if done correctly, a solid policy can have an incredibly positive impact on your working week as well as your team's morale, productivity and overall happiness.

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5 Reasons Your Office Uniform Policy Isn't Taken Seriously

Posted by Xamax on 20/12/17 15:13

Do you have that one employee who shows up to work in a torn uniform most days or forgets their company polo once a week? Then you have another employee who wears one of those glittery tutu skirts with their company t-shirt, even though they're supposed to wear a plain black skirt or black trousers. If you've recently implemented a uniform policy - or have had one for a while - and your employees refuse to wear their uniform or wear it incorrectly, you have a problem that needs a remedy. Here are 5 reasons your office uniform policy isn't taken seriously.

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6 Benefits Of Uniforms In The Workplace That You Didn't Know

Posted by Xamax on 13/12/17 11:03

Enforcing a uniform policy in the workplace can often get some negative backlash, especially since employees might feel these rules are being forced upon them for no reason. The only way a uniform policy can be successfully deployed is if every step is carefully taken, ranging from team communication and sending the policy letter, right through to the evaluation stage. However, it's also important to highlight to the workforce that adopting a uniform can have some major benefits that not only help them, but also the company you're all working for as well. We're not talking about your usual looking smart and saving money benefits - there are 6 benefits of uniforms in the workplace that you didn't know.

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Why Employee Complaints Are Actually A Good Thing

Posted by Xamax on 29/11/17 16:17

"This process is inefficient," one employee might say. Another might complain, "I can't get anything done in the office when the music is blasting." A third might say, "I didn't like how this manager handled my complaint." Another employee might declare, "The company's Facebook didn't portray the company in the right light. I hate it!" These are just a few of the many complaints you might hear if you're an office that's open to employee criticism. It may seem overwhelming to be told what's wrong with your business, how employees could be happier, and the fact that the break room kettle has been broken for two weeks, but complaints are actually beneficial for many reasons - one of which is that it demonstrates that your employees actually care about where they work. It shows it's more than just a job to them.

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Who’s Responsible For Maintaining A Uniform Policy?

Posted by Xamax on 27/10/17 08:00

After months of planning, either the company’s new uniform policy is in full effect or the day is edging nearer. Each employee is expected to adhere to this policy and how they appear is a representation of the service your business will offer to other potential customers when they are seen wearing a uniform. There are plenty of benefits to creating a uniform policy, such as saving money, creating a bond and even further developing company culture, but that’s only possible if the policy is maintained in the first place. So, who’s actually responsible for maintaining a uniform policy?

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How Embroidered Workwear Bundles Save Time And Money

Posted by Xamax on 25/04/17 06:51

When making your first workwear order it’s common to fall in the trap of thinking your budget isn’t sufficient enough to acquire good quality uniform. Another common worry concerns ordering the right quantity or wrong sizes and many companies completely disregard the opportunity of getting customised workwear and miss out on the benefits it brings.

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The 5 Most Creative Uses For Embroidered Overalls

Posted by Xamax on 20/04/17 15:25

Embroidered overalls. To some they’re a necessity, but to others they’re a “nice to have” item for which “we just don’t have the budget”. However, what if we said there was more to embroidered overalls than just everyday uniform? Interested? Read on.

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Why Workwear Cardigans Are Good For Office Staff

Posted by Xamax on 18/04/17 16:53

Workwear cardigans are ideal for bridging the gap between employees wearing items solely from their own wardrobe and the business getting the benefits of a uniform appearance. This post looks into why this is the case.

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How Do Company Uniforms Boost Authority?

Posted by Xamax on 07/02/17 06:39

Besides marketing, what other benefits can company uniforms bring to your business? The short answer is authority. 

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