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6 Benefits Of Uniforms In The Workplace That You Didn't Know

Posted by Xamax on 13/12/17 11:03

Enforcing a uniform policy in the workplace can often get some negative backlash, especially since employees might feel these rules are being forced upon them for no reason. The only way a uniform policy can be successfully deployed is if every step is carefully taken, ranging from team communication and sending the policy letter, right through to the evaluation stage. However, it's also important to highlight to the workforce that adopting a uniform can have some major benefits that not only help them, but also the company you're all working for as well. We're not talking about your usual looking smart and saving money benefits - there are 6 benefits of uniforms in the workplace that you didn't know.

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How To Refresh Your Uniform Policy in 7 Easy Steps

Posted by Xamax on 08/12/17 10:51

So you implemented a staff uniform policy a little while ago and are considering updating it. You want to make sure your employees look their best and feel their best when they're at work but you've either outgrown your policy or your dress code just doesn't sit right. So, whether it's due to employee complaints or your attitude has changed, here's how to do refresh your policy in eight easy steps.

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DEBATE - Can One Company Uniform Suit All In Creative Offices?

Posted by Xamax on 05/12/17 14:41

Creative offices are unique. Your employees aren't anything like bankers or fast food workers, where uniforms are heavily imposed with no leeway whatsoever. You don't want to impact the level of creativity within your workforce either, as their productivity and morale might increase when they're wearing casual clothing. However, uniforms do have benefits, such as boosting morale, increasing efficiency and fostering a team spirit. So, can one company uniform suit all employees in creative offices? Or do the negatives of a uniform in creative offices outweigh the positives? Uniforms do work in creative offices, but only if they're done right.

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How to Approach A Dress Code Violation

Posted by Xamax on 30/11/17 10:28

That one girl in accounting keeps coming to work with her underwire practically showing and you wonder if she realises. She’s teetering on heels that were made more for a night out than for a day in the office, and then there’s the guy in the IT department with the dreadlocks, tattoos, who shows up as if it’s a beach day. And let’s not even discuss the flip-flops. The trouble is he’s often client facing. Is it hurting your company image you may wonder? Or do clients simply think it’s a fun, cool-vibes place to work? Companies often implement a dress code for this exact reason - to create a consistent brand image - so if some employees continue to miss out key information from the dress code, how do you handle it - without embarrassing them?

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Why Employee Complaints Are Actually A Good Thing

Posted by Xamax on 29/11/17 16:17

"This process is inefficient," one employee might say. Another might complain, "I can't get anything done in the office when the music is blasting." A third might say, "I didn't like how this manager handled my complaint." Another employee might declare, "The company's Facebook didn't portray the company in the right light. I hate it!" These are just a few of the many complaints you might hear if you're an office that's open to employee criticism. It may seem overwhelming to be told what's wrong with your business, how employees could be happier, and the fact that the break room kettle has been broken for two weeks, but complaints are actually beneficial for many reasons - one of which is that it demonstrates that your employees actually care about where they work. It shows it's more than just a job to them.

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7 Reasons Why You Need A Dress Code In The Workplace

Posted by Xamax on 16/11/17 08:17

Even throughout the war years, people often opted to look their best when they went out, which frequently included sought-after stockings, gloves, twin-suits, hats and the like. Men routinely wore suits to the office, complete with overcoats and hats as well. Prior to 1950, it was a time of formality for the average person - even when people only had a limited supply of outfits. But now, dress is open to interpretation, and with the era of Mark Zuckerberg-esque, t-shirt-wearing tech companies, some employees aren’t aware of what is and isn’t appropriate for the office.

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How To Encourage And Manage Employee Uniform Responsibilities

Posted by Xamax on 15/11/17 18:09

Employee responsibility for uniforms can mean different things. For one, you may have an Employee Uniform Responsibility Form, that states the number of uniforms that have been issued, the employee name, the company, the date, and their department. This document may outline that each employee has to return their uniforms if their employment is terminated, but if items are lost or damaged beyond acceptable wear and tear, then the costs will be deducted from their wages. Another responsibility is often that employees have to treat, handle, and launder their uniforms properly, and that uniforms should typically last a specified period of time. Whatever the uniform responsibilities outlined at your company, here's how to encourage and manage employee uniform responsibilities.

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5 Mistakes Managers Make With Their First Uniform Order

Posted by Xamax on 14/11/17 16:47

Many big companies across the UK use uniforms to promote their company's brand, such as TGI Fridays, Marriott International, American Express, Sytner Group, Nationwide, Iceland Foods, and McDonald's. If you go food shopping, many of the Sainsbury's, Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, and Morrisons staff members wear uniforms as well. At sporting events, phone shops, call centres - even at the Apple store - staff all wear uniforms. Those who work at Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Caffe Nero aren't immune to uniforms either, so uniforms can be seamlessly integrated into your staff wardrobe - and look good too. But what pitfalls do companies make when ordering uniforms for the first time? Here are 5 mistakes managers make with their first uniform order. Make sure you don't fall victim.

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Who’s Responsible For Maintaining A Uniform Policy?

Posted by Xamax on 27/10/17 08:00

After months of planning, either the company’s new uniform policy is in full effect or the day is edging nearer. Each employee is expected to adhere to this policy and how they appear is a representation of the service your business will offer to other potential customers when they are seen wearing a uniform. There are plenty of benefits to creating a uniform policy, such as saving money, creating a bond and even further developing company culture, but that’s only possible if the policy is maintained in the first place. So, who’s actually responsible for maintaining a uniform policy?

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Creating A Uniform Policy Letter? 6 Things To Include

Posted by Xamax on 24/10/17 09:28

Have you just decided that custom logo-embroidered workwear will create cohesion in your office? Studies show that uniforms enhance company image, ensure security on site, create team unity, improve customer relationships, and save your employees money in the long run (because they don’t have to worry about what to wear), among other considerations. When your company adopts a new dress code, you will have to create a uniform policy letter in order to outline the new policy and distribute it to your employees. What exactly should be included in a uniform policy letter you may ask? Here are 6 things to include. 

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