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Kitting Out Your Drivers in Spring: Outdoor Workwear Checklist

Posted by Xamax on 07/03/18 12:45

Now that the long, cold winter is finally coming to an end, it's time to think about spring workwear for your drivers. Just because your drivers aren't as exposed to the elements as outdoor workers are doesn't mean their workwear is any less of a priority. Drivers often work long, gruelling shifts and what they wear should keep them safe, warm and comfortable while still falling in line with your company's image. Here's our outdoor workwear checklist on what your drivers should be wearing in spring. 

Delivery driver driving van with parcels on seat outside warehouse

Every season comes with its own risks and hazards. Spring is notorious for being temperamental with sudden, torrential downpours being just as likely as blinding bursts of sunshine. Although drivers won't need to be as protected from the outside world as outdoor workers, such as a construction team, they still need workwear that keeps them comfortable so they can focus on the road with no distractions. The points we're going to cover are: 

  1. Customised/Branded Workwear

  2. Hi-Vis Clothing

  3. Softshell Jackets 

  4. Polo Shirts

  5. Anti-Glare Sunglasses

Customised/Branded Workwear

From a simple polo shirt with the company logo on the breast pocket to a jacket or coverall suit with a slogan emblazoned across the back, branded workwear has many benefits. If you need any proof of the powerful effect a driver's uniform can have, consider Royal Mail or UPS. Many people instantly recognise a Royal Mail postman or woman, or a UPS courier because of their iconic uniforms, which are an integral part of their company branding.

Kitting your drivers out in workwear with your logo or branding on will help give them status and familiarity. It will help build recognition for your company because every time your drivers are out working in public, the uniform will further embed your business in the subconscious of the people who see them. It's a simple way to advertise your services.

Royal Mail Postman for xamax clothing blog

Hi-Vis Clothing

Although drivers may spend the majority of their shifts in their vehicles, they'll have to leave their vans and trucks at some point to make a delivery, for example. In these cases, they need to be easily spotted by other motorists or by workers at their delivery destination - which is why hi-visibility workwear is essential for their safety. 

Depending on the nature of their job, invest in hi-vis jackets, coats or even trousers for additional protection. After all, there's no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to personal safety.

Portwest Hi-Vis 3-in-1 jacket

We recommend the Portwest Hi-Vis Premium 3-in-1 Bomber

Softshell Jackets

Spring might not be as cold as winter, but knowing the British weather, the chilly breezes and crisp air are likely to linger at time. It might be a little too 'warm' for insulated coats, but softshell jackets can help shield your drivers from the spring chill.

Although they might be inside their vehicles for the better part of the day, don't forget that they do have to exit their vans every now and again. Investing in jackets that have durable qualities (enforced elbows is something to think about) such as water repellant finishes, are wind resistant and made from quick-drying fabric, will go a long way in boosting morale and productivity among your driver workforce.

Regatta Uproar mens interactive softshell Portwest hi-vis two tone softshell jacket

We recommend Regatta Uproar Men's Interactive Softshell or Portwest Hi-Vis Two Tone Softshell Jacket

Polo Shirts

It's important that your drivers look smart so they're always communicating your company's values in the best way. Imagine how you'd feel if you were a customer and you saw a driver coming up your garden path wearing sloppy, mismatched clothing. Polo shirts are a great choice of uniformed clothing because they look smart, are easy to look after and can easily be personalised with company logos - which, as we discussed in an earlier point, boosts brand awareness. 

Again, it's all about branding and professionalism. And it's not just about portraying the best company image to your customers either. Uniforms help your staff look and feel smart, which improves team morale and productivity because they feel more appreciative that you're looking out for their welfare, among other benefits

Kustom Kit Ladies' Klassic Superwash Polo Guildan Premium Cotton Double Pique Polo

We recommend Kustom Kit Ladies' Klassic Superwash Polo or Guildan Premium Cotton Double Pique Polo

Anti-Glare Sunglasses

We all know how unpredictable spring can be. One minute it can be thunder and lightning and the next, there's bright sunshine. When the sun reflects off puddles and reflective surfaces, it can get particularly hazardous for drivers. Invest in polarised sunglasses that not only protect your workers' eyes from UV rays and reduces eyestrain but also eliminate the dangerous reflective glare, which can affect their driving. 

Portwest Umbra Polarised Spectacle

We recommend Portwest Umbra Polarised Spectacle

Want to be Fully Prepared for Spring?

Our outdoor workwear checklist for drivers might have been an eye-opener, but in truth, there's so much more to know when it comes to preparing outdoor workers for spring. But don't worry - we have a spring-dedicated Workwear Buying Guide which will outline the average seasonal temperatures, the dangers you need to prepare for and how best to clothe and equip your workers to keep them protected against outdoor dangers.

Download your FREE guide below. 

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