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Is Customised Workwear Worth It?

Posted by Xamax on 19/01/17 06:00

Printed or embroidered workwear benefits your business in many ways. This post outlines various ways customised workwear really is worth it for your business and what your different options are.

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Why Customised Workwear Is Worth It


The companies which use uniforms or a range customised workwear items for staff to choose from benefit from staff being conscious that they are all part of the same team.

If you suffer from any hierarchical or respect issues in your business, providing company clothing can help to resolve this. It makes for a more level playing field and acts as a visual cue that everyone is working on the same side.

Yet it can also help to reinforce manager and team leader's control and influence. They can then be free to concentrate on making their team as cohesive and productive as it can be.



Marketing reach is a key part of making customised workwear a worthwhile investment for your business. Each and every time a person sees your logo and company information on a piece of clothing worn by one of your employees or colleagues, they are being exposed to the company.

This extends the reach of you business, day after day. Compared to something like print or broadcast media advertising, there is a much longer shelf life to branded workwear.

Considering the amount of times your logo and name will be seen on a piece of clothing over its entire lifespan, the return on investment in terms of advertising is fantastic. Your staff are essentially a walking billboard when wearing company clothing in and out of work.


Branding Message

When investing in branded workwear, a company is making a conscious decision to take ultimate control of their branding.

If a company invests in a slick website, takes care of their image on social media and maintains high-level branding on company vehicles - it can all be undermined by staff appearing in a mismatched or sub-par fashion.

Mismatched uniforms or branded clothing being worn by some staff but not others makes for a disjointed message. It suggests that the company's service will also be disjointed and suffer from the same lack of attention to detail.



And if your workforce is seen in well chosen, well maintained branded workwear at all times, it exudes a level of professionalism that nothing else can help to achieve so simply.

From stylish business wear for head office staff to high quality work clothing for manual tradespeople in the business - using print or embroidery branding features in your company clothing helps to create a professional outward appearance.


Types Of Clothing That Can Be Customised

In short, any type of clothing can be customised. This means that, no matter what your industry or type of business, there are customised clothing options for you to use.

T-shirts can be branded cheaply and quickly with various print techniques. Or, for office based teams, formal wear can be stylishly embroidered to add a touch of business class.

There are various cost variances too, so all budgets can find that customised workwear is worth it. From colourful transfer printing - which is great for low lifespan items, such as promotional event t-shirts - or something like an embroidered men's Oxford cotton shirt and women's blouses which are made to last; your business can harness the benefits of branded workwear.

Your logo and company information can also be added to items of PPE and industry specific clothing.


Still unsure how, or why to buy customised workwear?

If you'd like to read a little more about the benefits to workwear and see how to manage the process smoothly to make sure it's error free, check out our free guide below.


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