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How to Properly Maintain and Store Protective Goggles

Posted by Xamax on 30/05/17 06:08

Can you image going a day without the use of your eyes? It would be difficult to read this blog, see where you’re walking, or even unwind watching television. For work, especially, most need their eyes to perform even basic tasks, so for this reason alone, eye safety is paramount in the workplace. Eye injury is often easily prevented by the correct safety eyewear. Over 90% of cases reported could have been prevented with protective goggles, and more than 2,000 people suffer each year with eye injury. If your workplace assessment has determined that protective goggles or safety glasses are necessary for your workplace, how do you properly maintain and store protective goggles? 

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Make sure you know the latest regulations because PPE regulations are changing by April 2018. Currently, the following regulations apply to eye protection, but it’s not a definitive list:

  • EN 166: Requires eye protection in industries with potential eye hazards, or anything likely to impair or damage vision. Exemptions for nuclear radiation, x-rays, laser beams, and low temperature infrared  
  • EN 170: Ultraviolet filters
  • EN 171: Infrared filters
  • EN 172: Sunglare filters for industrial use
  • EN 175: Eye and face protection during welding

Read more about current regulations here.



Manufacturers often have instructions for each specific pair of protective goggles on how to maintain them, but a general rule is to clean daily. Blow loose dirt and debris from the lenses; rinse them under running water using detergent; or use lens cleaning wipes or spray. Store in a clean dry place after washing. Avoid rough handling because scratches impair vision and weaken lenses. Safety goggles have quite a long shelf life when compared with other PPE equipment, so proper maintenance will make sure you get maximum shelf life.


You can mend any safety goggles providing you replace damaged parts only with original manufacturer parts to ensure the same safety rating. Scratched or broken lenses cannot be mended; they must be replaced. 


Find out if your company adheres to current PPE regulation: 

PPE Checklist CTA Slim



Store safety goggles in cases or another clean, dry place to avoid scratching, falling, or being trampled. Some workplaces have special drawers to store glasses safely in neat rows. You want to avoid storing your safety goggles in large piles haphazardly as scratches can impair vision and safety. However you choose to store the glasses is up to you, but cases provide the best protection, and the cases should be stored wherever they won’t get wet.


Replacement Rate

As stated before, safety goggles have one of the longest lives of any PPE equipment; however, despite condition, glasses should be replaced every 3 years. If properly maintained, glasses can last up to that 3 year period without incident. Replace any goggles that are damaged, scratched, pitted, broken, bent, or ill-fitting. Ill-fitting goggles do not provide protection to the wearer.


To ensure safety, goggles must fit the wearer. Eye size, bridge size, and temple length vary so glasses should be individually fitted. Temples should fit comfortable over the ears, and the frame should be as close to the face as possible with adequate support on the bridge of the nose. Find the best fit and protection for every worker who requires eye protection.


How to Choose

Choose goggles based on colour of lens (depending on industry) and comfort. Clear lenses provide standard protection; amber removes blue light for low-light environments; and grey and brown SCT protect from sun glare, UV rays, and impact for outdoor use. Goggles should fit close to the face to minimise gaps. Find a style that is comfortable to wear.



Xamax and Safety Eyewear

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