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6 Tips On How to Keep Cool at Work

Posted by Xamax on 04/05/18 17:17

When it comes to keeping cool at work, we often think of outdoor workers working out in the sun who need to take action. But working in an office can prove to be just as uncomfortable if you’re not prepared in the right way. Here are six handy tips on how to keep cool at work in an office.

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1. Dress Appropriately

Summertime can prove to be a pain when it comes to choosing what to wear in the office, especially in the UK. Obviously, we don’t expect temperatures over 20 degrees very often so, a lot of people tend to not have appropriate clothing to keep cool in the office.

Heavy fabrics should definitely be avoided on the warmer days. Thick, woollen shirts may be perfect for the winter months, but in summer, they can leave you with unsightly sweat patches, which will no doubt be uncomfortable.

Breathable, lightweight fabrics are definitely the way to go in summer such as lightweight cotton or linen. Looser fitting clothes are also recommended as tight clothes can leave you sweltering at your desk. We recommend the Portwest Naples Polo Shirt.

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Its lightweight fabric, short sleeves and adjustable collar mean that it’s the perfect item of clothing that’ll keep you cool yet still dressed in an appropriate style.

2. Keep Your Windows Open and the Blinds Closed

This might seem like an odd one but contrary to popular belief, opening your windows once the office is already too hot actually doesn’t have that much of an effect. Why would you want to let all the hot air from outside into the office? It’s not like you’re in the car where having the window down creates that lovely breeze to cool you down.

If there’s a breeze, that’s a different story. But, either way, make sure the blinds are closed in order to stop as much as possible of the sun’s heat getting into the office.

And opening the windows in the evening could be the way forward or at least first thing in the morning. The temperatures will be cooler throughout the night which will make for a nice, cool office climate in the mornings. Obviously, consider whether would-be burglars can access the window, but if you’re on one of the top floors of a tall office block, it could be the perfect solution to find the right working temperature.

3. Stay Hydrated

You can cool your body down by drinking plenty of cold water. On hot days, you should be drinking approximately a litre an hour to keep you cool. Even if you’re not thirsty, try and drink every 15-20 minutes to replace fluid loss from potential sweating.

The hotter it is, the more likely we are to sweat and become dehydrated quicker. Don’t ignore dizziness and light-headed phases as this is the body’s natural way of crying for water.

Be careful to not overdo it with the water though. Not for any health reasons at all, but your frequent trips to the toilet away from your desk might wear a bit thin with your manager.

4. Turn Off Unnecessary Electronics

This will help reduce the temperature in a warm office, especially in a smaller space with lots of equipment. You’d be surprised at how much difference something as simple as this can help keep your office cool. Plus, it’s an easy way to save money on your electric bills.

5. Personal Fans

A personal fan in a boiling hot office without air conditioning can prove to be a vital investment. Plug one in and the only time you’ll ever have to worry about being too hot is when you’re not at your desk.

There are tons of options on the market for fans, so make sure you buy wisely. Some fans simply just push the warm air of the office around the room and are absolutely no use. Others come with a handy USB connection which allows you to plug it into your laptop and you’re off and running.

l_10144451_002Buy Dyson Pure Cool Air Link Purifier here.

6. Cut out the Teas and Coffees

Tea and coffee are both hot drinks that many office workers rely on to get them through the day. But when it’s sunny, they aren’t the greatest of ideas. Obviously, they’re both made with boiling water so they’re going to warm you up and make you sweat more, which will make you seriously uncomfortable at your desk.

They also contain caffeine which contributes to dehydrating the body. If you’re that dead set in your ways and have to have a cup of tea or coffee, consider switching to decaf versions for both or a cold brew instead.

409931011_0_640x640Make yours a nitro coffee in the summer. 

Keep Your Staff Protected This Summer

These six handy tips on how to keep cool at work should sort your office staff out perfectly. But what about when your staff are working outdoors? There are various different risks and dangers that the summer months bring you need to consider. Download our free guide for everything you need to know on how to keep your staff safe this summer.

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