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How Often Should I Replace Staff Uniform?

Posted by Xamax on 23/11/16 08:00

The time between replacing staff uniform varies widely on industry use and the purpose behind the need for a change. Typically, plenty of roles needing PPE Workwear will have to replace their uniform frequently, whereas Business Workwear can last for much longer.

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Workwear Durability

One of the most common factors for Uniform replacement is down to the quality of your workwear.

If your staff engage in manual environments, such as construction sites, garages and kitchens where spills and sharp objects are frequent, you may find yourself having to replace staff uniforms with regular frequency. Whereas if your staff work in a white collar role, a good quality business wear shirt can last for a lot longer.

Assuming that you issue three workwear shirts (a typical amount per employee), for example, you could expect to get somewhere between 12 to 18 months of optimal looking wear out of them, depending on usage and washing routine.

Whilst it may initially seem costly, by investing in high quality workwear options, you can extend the longevity of your staff uniform and reduce the frequency of replenishing your company workwear. This means, when you do have to replace your workwear, it will be so at a fraction of the overall cost thanks to an improved lifespan-to-cost ratio.


Branding Changes

As time changes so do business perceptions. When you decide to change your company message, aims or objectives, it may be beneficial to consider replacing your staff uniform to reflect this.  

Whilst a company rebrand can be expensive, factoring in a budget for updating your company workwear can greatly aid marketing efforts and reduce outlay on other marketing means. Meanwhile, also ensuring your staff uniform is at the peak of it’s lifecycle.  

With a variety of embroidery and printing services available to be added to your staff uniforms, here at Xamax, you can stand out with your rebrand thanks to a truly impressive workwear and uniforms.




An often overlooked factor to consider when first buying staff uniform, as it’s usually sizes and design that is the main priority, is the weather changes from season to season. If the right workwear is not supplied, this could harm productivity.

By choosing to order your staff’s uniform in advance of seasonal changes, such as ordering thermal workwear in August, it will not only mean you will stay on top of any sudden needs for new workwear, but it will mean you do so at a limited spend because you won’t be paying for express delivery or be stuck having to choose overly expensive products.

Kitting out your staff with the appropriate seasonal workwear will not only ensure you fulfill your obligations as an employer by providing the necessary PPE under the Personal Protective Equipment Act 2002, but will ensure that employee happiness and productivity will rise through enhanced comfort.



As a business owner, you’re probably well aware of the importance of staying ahead of the curve to remain competitive as well as innovative. Who’s to say this doesn’t apply with your company’s uniform?

Whether the trends in question are a result of competitors, customer wants or employee tastes, it’s important that you diversify with your workwear. And it’s important to see the need to upgrade when the time is right.

Trends often go hand-in-hand with company rebrands and can be addressed in one smooth transition.  

However, trends can both be short & long-lived, it’s important that before you make a decision to replace your workwear, you determine if the shift is going to be long enough so that it’s profitable on the outlay for new workwear. Or whether constantly providing uniforms which are in line with fashion trends is part of your brand management.


Business Expansion

With business growth, you’re going to see a potential need or influx of new employees. As companies recruit more often, there will be frequent needs for further workwear. This is not just down to the increased volume of employees, but also to cater to diversifying cultural backgrounds, body types and personal interests.

Ensure you factor this into your workwear budget, as the need for employees is often both spontaneous and unpredicted.

As business periods spike, expansion will be a leading cause for most workwear replacements which can vary from new workwear within weeks to months. Most notably, Retail Workwear is often subject to this, by planning ahead you’ll ensure your new hires are promoting your business with a professional appearance from day one. However, there is always the option of requiring a workwear contribution from your employees if the workwear is necessary to the job.



New Business Approaches

As you continually strive to improve your business, you may find yourself expanding into unchartered waters with new departments & customer facing roles. This may divert away from the current workwear policy you have in place.

For example, if you specialise in using heavy machinery, you may find the need to divert away from typical PPE needs when you recruit for a Sales Role due to different requirements from the respective roles.

By ensuring you have workwear specific to the role rather than the company, it can ensure both performance and professional appeal is at it’s constant best. Again, this is largely dictated by how fast your company is moving forward and growing.


There Are A Lot Of Variables

In short, the question: “How often should I replace Staff Uniform?”, is a tough one. It varies widely on industry but there will always be a need to replace them at some point; whether through your own decision or an immediate need for it.

Stay organised and plan for any possible workwear needs, as much as possible, to get the best value for your business.


Stay Organised Ahead Of Time

Not sure on what Staff Uniform is right for your business? Grab our downloadable “Guide to Buying Workwear” and become familiar with everything you need to know in picking the right workwear for your business.

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