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How Company Uniforms Improve Teamwork And Increase Brand Awareness

Posted by Xamax on 10/01/17 06:15

If you want to improve teamwork and increase brand awareness, a new company uniform will help. This post outlines why in one easy 2 minute read.

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How Company Uniforms Improve Teamwork

The principle of how company uniform or branded clothing helps to improve teamwork hinges visual cues.

There's an old sporting addage along the lines of, "Look like a team, play like a team." And this is true within business too.

When somebody turns to their colleagues and it's clear they're both part of the same team, it instinctively encourages trust. Branded company clothing is not a magic wand that will fix teamwork issues overnight, but it is a powerful tool to help solidify a wider company culture.

The fact that people across the business are wearing the same items of clothing will help remind staff that, whilst at work, they all share at least one thing in common. They are all working towards a shared goal.

The uniform is a visual reminder of that.

And it does a lot more than that. For example uniform clothing at work can help to;

  • Establish Equality
  • Remove Segragation
  • Fuel Work Ethic
  • Give A Sense Of Direction
  • Increase Staff Identity Via A Sense Of Belonging

All of these factors are explore in a little more detail in this blog post.


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How Company Uniforms Increase Brand Awareness

An identifiable company uniform will help to keep a consistent appearance. And familiarity is a major component of establishing a brand.

And this is crucial if clients deal with different members of your team.

The authority of your brand will be increased whenever a potential partner or customer interacts with a different member of your team and they are wearing the same company uniform.

This is because it signifies a unified, professional attitude exists across the entire company.

Staff will also be immediately conscious that they are representing the company shown on their uniform and be more conscious of their actions. This results in a service which is fitting to building your brand.

Besides being presented with a consistent appearance from your team, staff uniforms also have the added benefit of showcasing the brand even when viewed out of context.

For example, whenever the uniform is seen outside of the business premises, it is putting the brand in front of another potential client or customer. From the queue in the sandwich shop to wandering around a trade show - an employee in uniform will always be showcasing your brand.

Whenever this uniform is viewed, it shows that the business behind the branding is big enough to support a professional, impressive and consistent uniform. It suggests that this is a business which can be trusted because it's big and professional enough to give staff impressive uniforms.

And people are more willing to work with or pay to use a brand which is professional and trustworthy.


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