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How Branding A Construction Site Can Help Increase Sales In 2018

Posted by Xamax on 26/01/18 16:37

Your construction site is the prime setting to go all-out and make your brand instantly recognisable. It might not be as simple as placing vinyls and ads in shop windows, but there are plenty of ways of branding a construction site in 2018 to increase sales. Although customisation plays a big role, there might even be some ideas and suggestions below you may have never thought of.

builder on construction siteImage Credit: Pexels

Brand Your Fencing & Barriers

If done correctly, construction branding is an inexpensive yet effective form of advertising while increasing sales in the process. It's the perfect opportunity to increase sales and help bring your company to a new level of prominence.

The majority of sites have quite a large perimeter and they're enclosed completely by something like a temporary fence. These fences and barriers are perfect to use for shade cloth or banners which are visible to people passing by. Fences surrounding your construction site could be huge, and that's a perfect size and location to act as advertising space for your company.

Considering that you're required to wrap your fences on most sites with banners or shade cloth to assist in controlling the debris and dust, it's a good idea to eliminate the cheaper option of using plain cloth and banners. Instead, spend a little more and receive bigger monetary rewards in the long run by using custom printed materials to place on your fencing and barriers. Again, although it's slightly more expensive than something plain, it helps put your stamp on the construction site and is a more cost-effective alternative.

With people looking at the banners and your branding whenever they walk past, brand awareness increases all the time.


Brand Your Signs

Obviously, safety signs are a must. They're required by law to be placed both externally to warn the public along with internally to keep your workers safe. This is another perfect opportunity to put your stamp on your construction site by adding branding to these safety signs.

It's important that you don't go overboard and compromise the main message of the sign. The safety message must always be the clearest thing to see but if you have enough space on your signs, then you should consider adding your company's branding on them to help them look more unique and not something just any construction company can use.

Adding your branding and details on signs helps them look a lot more professional while increasing your brand exposure. For instance, if somebody with construction needs is actively searching for a company, they'd be more prone to remembering one where they saw customised signs which had their logo, number or even details placed on them. This is opposed to the usual, everyday signs you see on construction sites which hundreds of firms might be using.


Brand Your Hoardings

Although hoardings can fall into the same bracket as fencing and barriers, they're a much more impressive sight and more visually appealing. Because of this, it could be worth spending a little more and showing your construction firm off in a much higher fashion. If you implement something like vinyl coating on your hoardings - if you're even using them on your construction site - then it's a fantastic branding solution if you need something more solid than a chain link fence.

You usually see hoardings in major cities advertising whatever it is that's being built on the site, ranging from offices to hotels and restaurants. However, that shouldn't deter you as you're easily able to advertise your construction firm there instead.

Cannon Green Manchester HoardingImage Credit: Image Group UK

It's the perfect size and spot to hide unsightly (to passers by) construction in progress. Along with your branding displayed throughout, you're also able to showcase what the development will look like once completed which helps to ease any disgruntled neighbours.

This is important as construction sites like yours can be in areas exposed to large numbers of vehicles and pedestrians. They might be walking past your hoarding and site on the morning commute every day or they could be sat in busy traffic. Either way, they could be spending a lot of time seeing a big hoarding blocking the view of the site, so it's a chance to spend some money and give the people something to look at while increasing your brand awareness and then your sales.


Brand Your Equipment

When diving into your brand awareness toolbox, the equipment you use on your construction sites should be an integral part of that. By adding branding to your equipment, no matter how big or small, makes your whole company stand out from the competition and instantly demands attention and focus.

When you take into consideration that your machinery and equipment can move from site to site, it means a lot of people will have eyes on your equipment so they're acting as a moving billboard which constantly advertises even when they're not in use. Regardless of whether you're using cranes, forklifts or anything in between, adding branding to them all can help leave an impression as they can be seen by the public eye.


Brand Your Uniforms

Finally, branding your workers' uniforms is perhaps the most effective method of increasing awareness and sales. By picking a consistent colour scheme and font, you can make the employees instantly recognisable with the brand. It also gives you the freedom to place logos, names, slogans and contact details on the uniforms, such as polo shirts, hi-vis jackets and jumpers.

Like the equipment you're using, those wearing the uniform are also a walking billboard for your construction company. Although most of their time will be spent on-site and behind the fences and hoardings where they will be out of view, you do see workers leaving the site to go for lunch or are on-call for service. This is effortless on their part yet still cost-effective. 

By sourcing the right supplier, you'll be able to receive great advice on what type of workwear you should be going for, such as embroidered or printed. For a construction business, printed is the suggested route to go down thanks to the sleek finish you receive on hi-vis clothing. As it improves the overall quality, you're creating something visually appealing and adding your branding to it will look even better.


It's important to note that brand awareness can't happen instantly. It's a process which can take time and continuous reinforcement to get the public to eventually pay attention. By following the methods above, you're bound to raise your awareness and sales in a cost-effective manner. So, set your budget, decide what you want to be known for then implement your company branding.


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