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Event Staff Workwear: 4 Items Needed to Kit Your Team Out in 2018

Posted by Xamax on 27/03/18 11:19

Event staff wear uniforms for a number of reasons, including the facts that uniforms help the team look professional, differentiate them from the attendees and it's a good way to increase brand awareness - when customised.  Here are four event staff workwear items your team need for 2018. 

event staff at a festival

If you want your event team to be working at their best and safest, you should consider the following gear:

Hi Vis Vests and Jackets

High visibility clothing is essential as your event team will be working outside. There are regulations to abide by and the main categories are:

  • Class 1 - the lowest level and should only be used in minimal risk zones e.g. off-road sites
  • Class 2 - medium level and should be worn by roadway and public safety workers who need to be seen by passing traffic
  • Class 3 - the highest level and offers the greatest amount of safety and visibility

The level of visibility depends on where your event team will be working. For example, the team members who will be working the car parks and guiding vehicles on where to go have a greater need to be visible than the team members who will be checking tickets at the door.

Hi vis vests are a useful garment to wear if it's too warm for a jacket but your staff still need to be visible. To pick the best hi vis vest for your outdoor team, you'll have to consider several factors which we've discussed here

Yoko Hi Vis Fleece Vest Portwest Hi Vis Executive Vest

We recommend Yoko Hi Vis Fleece Vest and Portwest Hi Vis Executive Vest

In differing weather conditions, to offer your team additional visibility and protection, hi vis jackets are a good option.

Portwest Hi Vis Essential Bomber JacketWe recommend Portwest Hi Vis Essential Bomber Jacket


Even if it's a warm day, gloves can help to keep your team's hands protected from hazards - from sharp objects to heavy, bulky items they may have to lift which could cause blisters. Gloves can also protect against unexpected weather changes. For example, if a sunny day were to suddenly change to torrential downpour, your workers will be left with cold, wet hands if they aren't wearing gloves. This can make it harder for them to continue working productively and safely. 

That's why you should invest in outdoor gloves to protect your event team against occupational and weather-related hazards. Consider features such as insulating yet ventilating, enhanced grip and made from durable materials.

Portwest Fortis Grip Glove Portwest Rigger Glove

We recommend Portwest Fortis Grip Glove and Portwest Rigger Glove


Because your event team will be on their feet all throughout their shift, investing in boots that offer safety and comfort is a must. If your team are wearing footwear that protects them from hazards such as slipping on wet surfaces and sharp objects and supports their feet, they will be able to work more productively and enthusiastically. This will have a positive impact on your event's attendees. Friendly, enthusiastic staff will persuade them to come back. 

Consider boots that are made from water repelling materials and have slip-resistant soles to prevent falls on slippery surfaces such as ceramic and steel. 

Steelite Boot S3

We recommend Steelite Boot S3



Branded Polos, Hoodies and Fleeces

Who says event staff workwear has to be dull and fade into the crowd? Safety features are essential but if you want your staff to be easily recognised by event attendees, they need to be wearing something that stands out. Branding your polo shirts, hoodies and fleeces is a good way to go about it. 

Gildan Pique Polo Mens Gildan Pique Polo Womens

Start Your Branded Clothing Order

Gildan Crew neck sweatshirt Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 15.02.18.png

As well as standing out from the crowds of attendees, there are many reasons why branded workwear is necessary. They help to increase brand awareness. By wearing your logo, your event team effectively become walking advertisements for your company. Wherever they go, they will be spreading brand awareness. 

They also help to boost team morale. It's just like wearing a football kit - when all of your fellow team members are wearing the same branded clothing as you, customised in exactly the same way, you will feel more united as a team.


Find Out More on How to Keep Your Outdoor Team Protected in Spring

By investing in these four items, your event team will be much better equipped for their job. However this isn't the only thing you need to know. Our Spring Workwear Buying Guide outlines the average UK temperatures for each season, the inherent dangers you need to protect against and how to clothe yourself and your workers to best defend against outdoor dangers.

Download a FREE copy below.

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