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Custom Work Clothing At Christmas: A Marketing Opportunity

Posted by Xamax on 07/12/16 06:00

If you have browsed previous posts on our blog, you will have seen that there are many benefits to using custom work clothing and branded workwear when creating a brand identity. At Christmas, however, it's a golden chance to stand apart from your competition and create a lasting impression on would be clients and customers.

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People Are More Engaged At Christmas Than At Other Times Of The Year

Especially for B2C businesses who rely on consumer trade, but for other businesses too, the Christmas period is a time when people are more open to being susceptible to your marketing efforts. There is goodwill in the air, work pressures are often lessened and this means people are more willing to engage.

You can then use this to your company's benefit by partaking in the spirit of the season through a visual gesture (i.e. your custom work clothing), even if the eventual benefit of becoming a customer is later down the line.

For example, even Christmas themed office workwear (such as printed fleeces, shirts, blouses or hoodies in festive colours), can encourage a positive mindset for staff and visitors alike. This will help your business be memorable.


Custom Workwear Can Help You Stand Out

That is because having branded workwear helps in creating a brand identity at the best of times, but when given a seasonal twist, it's especially effective.

The fact that your shop floor staff, waiting on servers, customer facing office staff, or whoever, are all wearing clothing which wishes potential clients and customers a Merry Christmas or Happy New Year "from XYZ Limited" shows a distinct level of professionalism. This will set you apart from other businesses who you compete against because they will not be going that extra yard to show their corporate identity.

Even if you aren't the type of workplace to have the Christmas songs on repeat throughout the whole of December, you can subtly use embroidery or print techniques on your custom work clothing to send a classy, professional message on your clothing.


How To Use Custom Workwear For Christmas Marketing & New Year Best Wishes

If You Already Use Branded Workwear

If, for argument's sake, you already have custom work clothing which features the brand logo or name on the left breast and the garment colour is blue, you could provide alternative garments to be worn at Christmas.

For example, if you are a restaurant, shop or any other more relaxed, customer facing workforce, you could use the same items but with a printed message on the back. Even if only worn for a couple of weeks, at the end of the year, it will be a winning touch that customers will appreciate it as whenever they see the clothing, the business will be wishing them a Happy New Year.

Or you could change the colour of the garments to something more in line with the season, to maximise first visual impact.

If You Don't Use Branded Workwear Already

If you don't already have company clothing in use at your business, you can take this as an opportunity to go for maximum marketing impact. A striking and festive red shirt with a well wishing message from the company will hit would-be customers with a feel good tone, out of the blue.

This will make for a lasting impact and be read as a sign that the company is doing things differently, whilst also being ready to invest in seasonal marketing. This creates the impression that you are a brand on the up and people will want to be a part of the upwards movement.

An old adage that gets used in our own marketing department is that "when a traveling salesman is struggling to reach his targets, the first thing he does is upgrade his car". Whilst this is a cliched analogy, it does illustrate the point that first impressions count.

Especially at this time of year. And custom workwear which delivers a seasonal message exudes confidence, professionalism and a festive tone. All of which result in making people more likely to choose to use your company when the time comes to finding someone to do business with.


Visualise Your Own Christmas Custom Workwear

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