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Can Staff Uniform Improve Teamwork? Hell Yes It Can

Posted by Xamax on 19/12/16 07:00

If you are looking into improving unity at work, you might have tried various other go-to techniques; team building exercises, new seating plans… But can staff uniform improve teamwork? If you consider the cost and time needed to implement a new workwear policy, it’s definitely reassuring to know your efforts will bring improved team harmony.

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Team Unity

The term “Team Unity” is often a throwaway factor for most businesses as they believe their team is already a ‘well-oiled machine’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t get better and this negative attitude can be detrimental to long-term company growth.

By implementing an employee uniform it can emphasise that your workforce is working towards a common goal, encouraging teamwork and togetherness. Conversely, with a relaxed uniform policy or no uniform at all, employee’s sense of direction can often be self-orientated rather than with the business in mind.



One of the foremost beneficial factors of implementing a staff uniform is to promote or improve existing employee equality concerns. By adopting a similar or same uniform for all employees, it allows the individuals working for you to be seen as a team rather than individuals - they’re all equally important and necessary to company success.

A staff uniform removes any perception of individual’s earnings, experience or personal previous success, which is essential to avoid any insecurity amongst your workforce. This therefore allows employees to feel valued without any unnecessary causes of jealousy or disdain.


Removes Segregation

Whilst the strive for equality is often hard to achieve amongst a diverse workforce, it’s important to restrict segregation and embrace difference as much as is possible to prevent breaching the The Equality Act 2010. By offering a unified look for your workforce (with flexibility) it allows for your employees to not only look approachable to each other, but prospective customers too.

A uniform allows for any conflicting tastes or beliefs amongst your workforce to be removed, therefore diminishing any possible cliques that may have developed within your business.


Fuels Work Ethic And A Sense of Direction

A uniform can be one of the most direct ways to fuel a workforce’s productivity and encourage effective teamwork. Similar to the ‘Team Unity’ point, mentioned earlier, employees know they are representing the name or the logo on your branded workwear, so it encourages a drive to succeed for the business, as a repayment to the team they are more obviously a part of.  This can also lead to enhanced confidence and better communication amongst departments in order to do this - leading to higher efficiency levels.

Alternatively, the offering of a uniform can influence employee perspective and outlook. A relaxed dress code or uniform policy can often make it difficult for employees to transition from ‘play’ to ‘work’ mode, often making employee’s uncooperative with colleagues or influencing others to adopt the same relaxed outlook.

Arguably, the same way that it can be difficult for other employees to transition out of ‘work’ mode, contributing to long-term stress that’s detrimental both for the employee’s happiness and your business’ output. If an employee falls into being too work-oriented (as there’s nothing to identify when they’re at work - i.e. a uniform), it can lead to deteriorating social skills and communication from that employee towards others, causing departments and logistics to potentially bottleneck i.e. one department excelling quicker than another.

Offering a uniform allows to make the transition between work and social mindsets a lot smoother. This benefits those teams who could benefit from a more professional mindset whilst at work, but keep those employees who find it harder to “switch off” less likely to burn out because, once the uniform is removed, work is over.


Staff Uniform Increases Identity

As much as it’s often argued that a company uniform can detract an individual’s identity, it can also offer the opposite. A company uniform not only offers practicality to an employee, but also a purpose and a sense of belonging, contributing to unification and greater teamwork.

A company uniform therefore offers much more than branding and is a key driving force behind an efficient workforce. It retracts barriers, improves confidence and offers purpose behind company goals, it allows employees to relate to the company in much greater depth.


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