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Branded Workwear Not A Priority In 2018? 5 Ways You're Missing Out

Posted by Xamax on 04/01/18 10:54

Think about some of the biggest companies in the world and their uniforms. Apple. McDonald's. Even delivery and courier services like Amazon. They all wear branded uniforms which makes them instantly recognisable. If you want the public to recognise your company, then ditching plain workwear for branded clothing should be a priority in 2018 to stay ahead of the competition. Here are 5 ways you're missing out if branded workwear isn't your company's priority next year.

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By developing or purchasing a well-designed, bespoke branded workwear for your employees, your company will benefit from happy staff and loyal customers. As long as the branded clothing reflects your company in a confident and trustworthy way, it can be the crucial difference you need to stand out for all of the right reasons. 5 ways you could be missing out are: 

All of these factors you're losing out on can have a negative effect effect on the company, and by opting not to wear branded workwear, you could be missing out on the benefits.


1. You're Getting Free Promotion

Many companies pay a lot of money for advertising, but sometimes the promotion can be done for free. It can be as simple as employees clearly displaying your company logo, especially if it's comfortable and stylish where they will be even more proud to wear it. Free promotion isn't just achieved on-premises either, as employees might head out for lunch wearing their uniform or even catching the bus to work in the morning. By having the logo on display for the public to see, they'll be getting the word out without actually doing anything, yet they're acting as a walking billboard.

Branded clothing is an effective marketing tool. A study from Ashwini K. Poojary from the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, Boston has shown that over half of the respondents believe uniforms are more effective than internet, TV, radio, billboard and newspaper advertising - as well as the Yellow Pages. With these sort of figures, it's clear that branded uniform can have a positive impact on your company in return.


2. You're Creating A Sense Of Unity

Having branded workwear where every employee is wearing the same is a great way to create a sense of unity and foster a team spirit. This is clear right from schoolchildren through to professional sports teams, as uniforms make people feel like they belong. Employees know that their branded clothing means the world can see them, and if they have that unified look and goals to work towards, then they will feel more aligned with company values and will push each other further to strengthen their team spirit and camaraderie.

When employees feel that the company trusts them to wear their company logo, they will understand that they're made to feel equal and as part of the same group. This makes them act in a way where they become entwined with the company and show more passion which can lead to greater success and loyalty. When employees are proudly displaying the brand, they'll know they're representing the company and will have a sense of pride and responsibility which helps the organisation.

Whether employees know it or not, they're effectively becoming brand ambassadors when swapping plain uniform or no workwear at all for one that is branded. It makes employees more aware of how they perform, it creates a sense of belonging and you'll be making employees feel valued and trusted to represent the brand without having to pay for it.


3. You're Saving Time And Money

While creating branded uniforms obviously costs money, it can still be a cost-effective option. This is because it's cheaper to order in bulk, meaning you can purchase a large quantity of branded clothing for employees without it impacting your budget too much. The other advantage of that is purchasing in bulk can increase employee satisfaction because they can have multiple options to wear, rather than just one pair.

In turn, this also saves your employees money which is something they will appreciate. Not only will they be pleased that they are trusted to represent the brand, but they won't have the added pressure of spending money on different clothing options to wear at work. With branded workwear part of a new policy you implement, they will save money and spend less time picking what to wear. By eliminating that hassle, it means employees can arrive to work on time and the increased productivity by saving valuable time helps the company.


4. You're Increasing Brand Reputation

When every employee is co-ordinated with each other, it shows consumers that the company is run in an organised and professional manner. Just like employees will be a method of free advertising when they wear their branded clothing, acting professionally in the same clothing increases the reputation of your brand. If an employee goes out of their way on their way home from work to help somebody while wearing branded clothing, for example, then people instantly associate that type of action with the brand which enhances the reputation. 

When employees are aware that they have branding of your company on display on their uniform, they are more likely to be conscious of their actions and work in line with company guidelines and expectations. Acting in a way that will only shine the company in a positive light whether they're on-premises or not is a huge boost for the image people associate your company. 


5. You're Improving Company Identification

Whether it's Starbucks' green aprons or Apple's blue t-shirts with the Apple logo, big companies display their company logos proudly and they're instantly recognisable as soon as you see them. Often, you don't even need to read what is said on the uniform because they're that recognisable. As the markets are becoming more competitive, it's important to stand out from the crowd and gain positive attention from consumers.

By having your branded uniform with your company logo on display, it gives off the impression that you're professional, you don't have anything to hide, you're trustworthy and your staff are approachable experts. Obviously, good service needs to be given but if your uniform is a plain green shirt, it's more difficult to recognise an employee compared to one that has a green shirt with the company logo on.

Consumers develop trust in your brand this way. Once that trust has been built, they become more loyal as employees are identifiable much easier because of their uniforms. With so many hidden benefits of switching to branded clothing instead of plain, it's certainly a consideration for you to make when planning your own uniform policy.


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