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4 of the Best Site Work Shorts for Summer

Posted by Xamax on 23/04/18 13:43

Site work shorts are an essential part of an outdoor worker’s summer uniform. There are tons of different options for you to choose from, but what really makes a quality pair of workwear shorts? Here are some tips on what to look out for when buying uniform shorts and four of our favourite choices.


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What Makes a Good Work Short?


Good Durability

Made from high quality materials, work shorts are designed to handle the most demanding working environments. Due to their durability, shorts are worn in many different industries. These include construction, manufacturing, delivering, forestry and various others too.

As temperatures rise, site work shorts should be an essential item in your team’s slick branded uniform. We recommend the Result Work-Guard Technical Shorts. The shorts are made from a strong durable fabric that is suited to working on the most challenging of jobs. Plus, they’re also lightweight which will allow your workforce to be comfortable in the warm weather.

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Lightweight Construction or Material

It’s important to source lightweight shorts when you’re finding the perfect pair of shorts for your team. In the warmer temperatures, site work shorts should be the comfortable option for your workforce to choose. If they’re made of a heavier material, they’re going to be just as hot as a pair of long pants.

Wearing thick materials in the summer can prove to be very uncomfortable, especially when carrying out physical tasks. This could potentially have a negative effect on your team’s performance and morale at work. But if they’re comfortable at work, both will rise.

We recommend the Portwest Action Shorts. They’re lightweight but tough work gear. The shorts also come with an elasticated waistband which won’t restrict your employees movement and will ensure maximum comfort.

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Practical Design Details

A lot of site work shorts are designed with cargo style pockets and other handy additions. This allows your workers to have their tools on them at all times and saves them time from having to go back and forth to the van. This will speed up work efficiency.

We recommend the Portwest Combat Shorts. The shorts also come with key fob and key ring attachments. They’re perfect for storing, pens, torches, tools, mobile phones and plenty of other items.

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Professional Looking

Your uniform often allows a customer to base their first impressions of your business on. So, it’s imperative that whilst these shorts are keeping your staff comfortable, they also look professional and reflect the service that you’re carrying out.

If your team look untidy, then it will be presumed that your standard of work isn’t going to be up to scratch. Therefore, you’d potentially lose out on custom. However, if your workforce are kitted out in a pair of top quality site work shorts, then it will show that you’re the well-established, more reliable business.

We recommend the Portwest Texo Contrast Shorts.  These shorts are sure to make your business stand out as professional and the right people for the job, whilst keeping your team comfortable and happy in the warmer weather.

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Prepare Your Team For Summer

Your uniform is one of the controllable factors that you can be sure to nail to keep your staff happy, comfortable and safe over the summer. With Xamax, you can be confident you’re providing your workforce with the best gear available, as we’re workwear and promotional clothing specialists with more than 20 years of experience and expertise.


Your team’s uniform isn’t the only thing you need to keep on top of when it gets warmer. There are various different risks in the summer months that don’t apply all year round. If you’re not aware of these, don’t worry - download our FREE guide on everything you need to consider to keep your staff safe.

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