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3 Steps To Convince Staff That Uniform Is A Good Idea

Posted by Xamax on 02/01/17 08:00

If you're implementing a new work clothing policy anytime soon, but expect staff to be apprehensive to the idea at best; here's three steps to convince staff that uniform is a good idea.


Convince staff uniform is a good idea

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  1. Start Small

  2. Explain The Cost & Why It's Happening

  3. Let Staff Choose

There's more benefits and tips (as well as sheets to make the process run smoothly) in our free guide. You can get it by pressing the red button below or you can continue reading to see the three steps (above) explained in more detail.

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1. Start Small

If you eventually want all staff to wear matching, compulsory uniforms, but you have never had any form of branding company clothing, it's understandable that your employees might be a little reluctant to embrace the change.

Start by offering something such as branded company fleeces to be worn during the colder months and explain that these should be worn when visiting clients or in and around work when it is cold. Also explain that this is part of a rebranding exercise and start engaging with staff about the benefits of company clothing.

The benefits of company clothing are huge and ranging. You can read more about them in the following blogs posts:


2. Explain The Cost & Why It's Happening

Once you have sewn the seed of workwear related change, you should then explain to staff the cost of uniforms and why the process is happening.

Be honest and up front about the process. Why are you installing a uniform policy? What is the issue, is it hierarchical or professionalism that you are trying to address?

Explain where this idea has come from and why you have chosen this as a means of rectifying it. Explain the benefits of uniforms and branded company clothing and show staff examples.

Answer any complaints by following the advice in this blog.

Accept their thoughts and try to show some consideration and allowances in response to them. But trust that the benefits to workwear are strong and that you are doing this for a good reason.

Then you can start to explain the cost of uniform items and what your policy will be  - we suggest providing some initial sets of uniform clothing, because this is the simplest way of managing it and how your competitors are most likely operating.

To charge staff is legally allowed but can cause discontent and lead to poor morale and even staff retention issues.

Here is some further reading about crafting a staff uniform policy which complies.


3. Let Staff Choose

Finally, take on board staff uniform design ideas and choices. Let them have a say in the styles, colours and items in your uniform.

A bank in Australia recently offered a range of items for their staff to wear which all have a connecting colour palette, but still allows a degree of individuality.

Westpac bank uniform by carla zampatti

Westpac using a uniform style rather than specific items.

Allowing staff to choose from a range of pre-arranged items will achieve the results you desire but also keep staff happy as they can mix and match items as they see fit.

Alternatively, if you wish to have a completely uniform appearance, ask staff to choose from a range and order them some samples to try before placing the full order.

If you get these branded in the same style as you intend the final items to be, they can be deducted from your final order so there is less wasted spend.

When choosing the uniform items for your team, remember that persons' body shapes, tastes and styles are all slightly different from one person to the next. Or even massively.

Try to keep things neutral and let staff have a big say in what items they end up having to wear. It's important that they are comfortable with what they have to wear to work. And are not able to say they weren't fully consulted.


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