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New Hard Hat Colour Codes: What You Need to Know

Posted by Xamax on 28/04/17 14:07

Traditional yellow is out! For those of you who have already stocked up on this year’s hard hats for your construction projects, you may have to order new ones for your employees.

As of January 2017, Build UK, who represents some of the UK's biggest contractors and trade associations, has mandated new hard hat colour codes. Excepting Network Rail workers, whose sites only permit white and blue helmets, all other construction sites - new and existing - will be expected to change their helmet colours according to their site role. So what exactly do you need to know to keep your employees safe and meeting code?

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right PPE Hearing Protection

Posted by Xamax on 28/04/17 14:06

In noisy work environments, having the correct, PPE-approved hearing protection is paramount since the consequences of not safeguarding your hearing are dire.  But how do you choose the right PPE hearing protection for your particular industry?

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How Embroidered Workwear Bundles Save Time And Money

Posted by Xamax on 25/04/17 06:51

When making your first workwear order it’s common to fall in the trap of thinking your budget isn’t sufficient enough to acquire good quality uniform. Another common worry concerns ordering the right quantity or wrong sizes and many companies completely disregard the opportunity of getting customised workwear and miss out on the benefits it brings.

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How To Make Office Staff Uniforms A Success

Posted by Xamax on 24/04/17 11:26

Office staff uniforms are a great benefit to any business. But many office staff have never had to wear uniforms. Here’s how to make the scheme stick and implement a uniform without a fuss.

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The 5 Most Creative Uses For Embroidered Overalls

Posted by Xamax on 20/04/17 15:25

Embroidered overalls. To some they’re a necessity, but to others they’re a “nice to have” item for which “we just don’t have the budget”. However, what if we said there was more to embroidered overalls than just everyday uniform? Interested? Read on.

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Why Workwear Cardigans Are Good For Office Staff

Posted by Xamax on 18/04/17 16:53

Workwear cardigans are ideal for bridging the gap between employees wearing items solely from their own wardrobe and the business getting the benefits of a uniform appearance. This post looks into why this is the case.

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Can Screen Printed Workwear Be Used For Any Branding?

Posted by Xamax on 24/03/17 13:49

There's no denying the appeal of a properly screen printed piece of clothing, but it's often questioned if it's right for every business or more specifically, any kind of branding effort. This post will look into whether print or embroidery is best for your branding efforts.  

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Can Embroidered Uniforms Be Used For Any Branding Styles?

Posted by Xamax on 17/03/17 13:28

Embroidery is the most common form of branding technique for uniforms, business wear and workwear items. But why? This post looks into that after answering the question of whether embroidered uniforms can be used for any branding styles.

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How To Get Real Value For Money Out Of Printed Workwear

Posted by Xamax on 14/03/17 12:02

If you aren't careful, printed workwear can be an unnecessarily expensive way of customising clothing - but if you choose the right print technique, it's easy to get real value for money. 

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How To Decide Between Embroidered vs Printed On Company Workwear

Posted by Xamax on 10/03/17 09:21

There are a lot of complicating factors when choosing between embroidered vs printed branding techniques on company workwear. If you don't use careful consideration, then you could end up with an inferior product and wasted spend. Here's what to consider and how to decide.

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