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How To Pick Glove Ratings: Our Guide To EN-Standards

Posted by Xamax on 06/02/18 11:39

There are several types of gloves available to purchase for a reason. You should avoid making the mistake of assuming that any type of glove can be used for any type of work you undertake, as this can bring its own set of dangers. That's why gloves are rated into three separate categories and all come under different standards - they all depend on your situation. Here's how to pick glove ratings in line with EN-standards.

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How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Outdoor Work Gloves

Posted by Xamax on 03/02/18 11:26

Gloves are a useful tool that many people often overlook when putting together an outdoor work uniform. There are many different types and styles made from a variety of different materials to choose from - you'll be surprised. From man-made materials to real leather and performance styles to models with enhanced grip and insulation, you might not know which to choose. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a pair of outdoor work gloves. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect pair. 

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Construction Site Safety Checklist: Key Checks For 2018

Posted by Xamax on 30/01/18 17:14

It's simple: a construction site is bound to have many hazards, such is the nature of the job. By following the checklist below, you're putting your employees in a much safer position when they're on-site. Here's a construction site safety checklist you can use for your own checks in the future.

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How Branding A Construction Site Can Help Increase Sales In 2018

Posted by Xamax on 26/01/18 16:37

Your construction site is the prime setting to go all-out and make your brand instantly recognisable. It might not be as simple as placing vinyls and ads in shop windows, but there are plenty of ways of branding a construction site in 2018 to increase sales. Although customisation plays a big role, there might even be some ideas and suggestions below you may have never thought of.

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We've Changed The Way We're Packing Orders - Here's Why It's Important

Posted by Xamax on 23/01/18 16:41

Packaging waste in the UK is a major cause for concern. That's why, here at Xamax, we have decided it's time to put an end to this and it's time for a change. We are going from bagging each individual item to using a single box liner bag.

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Countless Complaints? Why You Need A Uniform Complaints Procedure

Posted by Xamax on 16/01/18 09:52

While a uniform policy can have many benefits in the workplace, not every employee is going to be pleased with the changes all the time. However, that's an issue that can be fixed immediately. As long as employees provide input when the new policy has been announced, you will put yourself in a better place of not receiving employee backlash. However, even if employees have provided input, chosen colours and even selected certain cuts, it doesn't mean everything will go smoothly. A uniform policy can bring countless complaints, so here's why you need a uniform complaints procedure.

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Why Is An Employee Uniform Policy Agreement So Important?

Posted by Xamax on 11/01/18 12:47

Having an agreement between your employees in regards to their uniform or dress code is pivotal to creating a great working environment for your employees. You're not required by law to have one, so why even bother? Well, an employee uniform policy agreement is important for many reasons.

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Managing Remote Employees: Do They Need A Workwear Policy?

Posted by Xamax on 08/01/18 10:22

Quite the dilemma, isn't it?

You're an HR professional working at the head office and have noticed that some of the remote contractors keep dialling into team update calls in what looks like their pyjamas (it's surely not...). What do you do?

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Branded Workwear Not A Priority In 2018? 5 Ways You're Missing Out

Posted by Xamax on 04/01/18 10:54

Think about some of the biggest companies in the world and their uniforms. Apple. McDonald's. Even delivery and courier services like Amazon. They all wear branded uniforms which makes them instantly recognisable. If you want the public to recognise your company, then ditching plain workwear for branded clothing should be a priority in 2018 to stay ahead of the competition. Here are 5 ways you're missing out if branded workwear isn't your company's priority next year.

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Workwear Supplier vs Going Solo: Which is Cheaper?

Posted by Xamax on 02/01/18 13:50

When it comes to ordering workwear, we know that pricing is a huge influence in the buying decision. As a business owner about to place a fresh order for company workwear in 2018, you may be considering going it alone and branching out into the world of workwear solo.

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